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Tim. 21. Spirit-filled. I make deos.

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examples of why i’m boyfriend material:


  • i give my life
  • not for honor
  • but for you
  • (snake eater)
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look it’s the new roster

Weird quick thing inspired by this post

So Eric is Mega64’s ultimate form?

Binary Review #27 - The Big Bang Theory
This show is hilarious! I love laughing at all those jokes about nerd stuff because I can relate to it, you know? Like that time they mentioned Enstein, I’ve heard of him before, he was some dork who invented electricity or something, I think. The only thing I don’t like is sometimes it takes too long before the laugh track comes on so I’m not sure when they want me to laugh.
My favourite character is the socially awkward one who’s always making references to comic books and video games. Everything he says is comedy gold, or should I say, comedy Au! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BEEZINGERS!
Score: 0/1
Review requested by: patterninterrupt​. Send your own requests to me here.

My boy be killing it.

there’s a  swag in my boot
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